Areas of study

Bielefeld Law offers a wide selection of courses in Civil Law, Criminal Law, and Public Law including, e.g., European Law, Environmental Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, History of European Law, Torts and Contracts, International Civil Law, Law of Tenancy, Labor Law, Law of Corporations, Law of Criminal Procedure, Comparative Criminal Law or Business Crimes. Students choose and focus on a specific field of law for the last year of their studies. Providing additional review courses in all relevant areas of law, we prepare our students for the First State Exam, a prerequisite for the following bar exam. In addition, a highly successful bachelor’s program in Law and Management is offered.

Special focus is laid on an interdisciplinary approach and the understanding of the essential principles of law, always bearing in mind the practical necessities of the legal professions. The faculty provides students exposure to the social and economic forces that shape the law and offers the opportunity for client service by joining our law clinic.

Our students achieve knowledge and understanding of various areas of the law, the professional and ethical responsibilities to clients and society as well as competency in legal analysis and reasoning.

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