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The Faculty hosts several research centers and initiatives where solutions to wide-ranging challenges are sought, from tenants’ rights to defendants’ rights on appeal in criminal cases or environmental issues. Professors of Civil, Criminal and Public Law cooperate in matters of business law. The Department of Criminal Law is strongly linked to the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence, which conducts theoretical and empirical analyses on the causes of conflict and violence. It joins forces with the Faculty of Health Science in matters of healthcare compliance.

Outside of our centers, faculty members tackle a diverse array of legally and socially important issues through articles, books and speeches. Traditionally, this is the main area of research work at German law schools and accordingly takes up broad room in the daily tasks of our faculty. Our professors are not only great instructors but recognized experts in wide-ranging areas of law.

As international and transnational law pervades contemporary legal practice, it is becoming more and more important at Bielefeld Law. In a focus on global challenges and emerging issues, human rights and international justice are addressed in an intradisciplinary approach by faculty members offering courses and doing research in International Trade, International Criminal Law, Public International Law, Refugee Law or Comparative Law. The faculty is cooperating with numerous foreign law schools in Europe and is striving to expand the international cooperation to Asia and the Americas. Language courses for law students taught by native speakers with a legal background are offered by our faculty to include our students in this process.

Since 2015, members of the faculty from all three areas of law have joined an interdisciplinary working group to deal with the specific legal problems of Intelligent Technical Systems (RIT). Fundamental questions like the relationship between human and technical autonomy and legal capacity are dealt with. Specific problems of drafting contracts, data security, risk insurance or civil and criminal liability of producers and others have been taken into view. An extensive database for current literature is operated. A research assistant supports these activities. Three new chairs in Criminal Law and Interdisciplinary Law Research, in Civil Law and Digitalization, and in Public Law, IT-Law and Law of Digitalization will concentrate on these issues to make Bielefeld Law one of the leading law faculties in this field.

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