Intelligent Technical Systems (RIT)

Intelligent Technical Systems will encounter specific problems which demand the specific knowledge of all three areas of law (Civil Law, Public Law, Criminal Law) in various levels.

The Faculty of Law has dealt with these topics for some time. Since the beginning of 2015, a large number of the faculty has met regularly in the interdisciplinary working group called RIT (“Recht Intelligenter Techniksysteme”) to discuss and prepare upcoming projects. Besides, the group cooperates with the Institute for Technological Innovation, Market Development and Entrepreneurship (iTIME) as well.

It is the faculty’s objective to transfer these continuously developed activities soon into an institutionally solidified form. Moreover, some visible scientific activities have already arisen from this cooperation: Prof. Dr. Jacoby and Prof. Dr. Sack (Political Science / Sociology Faculty) organized an interdisciplinary workshop which dealt with current trends in legislation. On top of that, a ZIF-workshop on the subject “autonomy and intelligent technical systems: robotics meets law” under the direction of Prof. Dr. Siehr, Prof. Dr. Wrede (Technical Faculty) and Prof. Dr. Hellermann took place. Prof. Dr. Artz and Prof. Dr. Gsell (University of Munich) organized a conference in Berlin which was concerned with “contract law and digital single market”. The IV. workshop of the Brazilian – German research network for consumer law, which was organized by Prof. Dr. Artz et al., dealt with “data security in the legal transaction in Germany and Europe”. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Weiler and Prof. Dr. Gusy hosted a workshop on the “EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679)”. In this context the project “ZivilRiT”, which is financed by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, as well as the Exlni-application for identification and development of innovative research ideas have to be mentioned. In addition, the Faculty of Law is participating in the development of a Data-Science-Center for the whole university.


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Interview with Prof.’in Dr. Angelika Siehr, LL.M (Yale): 'We are the ones who create the framework for the smart home’ (p. 19)

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