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These projects are part of the research on the rule of law and the judicial independence of Prof. Dr. Anne Sanders:

16.5.2019  Keynote speech „Law and Europe: the functioning of the rule of law“ 

Protestant Academy Frankfurt

  A cooperation with the Hessian State Center for Political Education and the Hessian Judges Association, together with Jens Gnisa, the chairman of the German Judges Association, Jens Veser, journalist and Eastern Europe expert of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Prof. Dr. Stefan Kadelbach, Chair of Public Law, European Law and Constitutional Law at Goethe University Frankfurt and Dr. Ing. Rudolf Kriszeleit, former State Secretary in the Hessian Ministry of Justice, for Integration and Europe
22.11.2018  Lecture followed by panel discussion: "European constitutional state in danger"
  Organized by the Working Group of Social Democratic Lawyers, Erfurt with the participation of Harald Baumann Hasske, Member of the State Parliament and Jakob von Weizsäcker Member of the EP
16.10.2017  Lecture at the Federal Social Court, Kassel on the day of the honorary judge "The judges of Europe - how independently can they work?"
16.10.2017  Opening lecture Richterakademie: "On the independence of the judiciary - a European comparison"
  Richterakademie 15.-20. October 2017, Wustrau 
10.7.2017  Judicial press conference "Conditions of an independent judiciary in Europe"
  In the rooms of the Federal Court of Justice, Karlsruhe
7.7.2017  Lecture "The image of the judge in a European comparison"
  Large judges conference of the social jurisdiction NRW 6.-7. July 2017, Recklinghausen
20.5.2017  Brief presentation on European standards for judicial councils
  Juridical Conference in Katowice, Poland, held by the judicial associations of Poland and the Polish Bar Association to protest against the government's judicial reforms.
17.1.2017  Lecture "The independence of the judiciary in Europe - current dangers for the foundations of the rule of law"
  Legal Study Society Hannover
3.6.2016  Lecture "The quality of justice in Europe"
  Opening lecture of the annual meeting of the Slovenian Judges Day from 3.-4. June 2016 in Portorož, Slovenian Republic
22.5.2016  Lecture "Appreciation of judicial work in European comparison"
  Social Justice Council 20.-22. May 2016 in Hannover
Okt. 2015  Lecture "The independence of judges and prosecutors in the member states of the Council of Europe"
  University of Bochum 
2015  Expert for the Council of Europe, Consultive Council of European Judges (CCJE) and Consultive Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE) for the preparation of the report "The main challenges for judicial impartiality and independence in the member states" für den Generalsekretär des Europarats. 
  The report served as the basis for the "Council of Action on Strengthening Judicial Independence and Impartiality" of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe
2015  Expert for the Council of Europe, Consultive Council of European Judges CCJE, for Opinion 18 "The position of the judiciary and its relation with the other powers of state in a modern democracy"

Quoted e.g. in ECtHR, ANDRI ÁSTRÁSSON v. ICELAND (Application no. 26374/18), para. 70, 122 


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