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Due to system change there is a new website of the chair. Please be aware that this version won't be updated any longer. This is why the information on this site can be outdated. Please visite our new website of the chair for civil law, company law, the law of family businesses and comparative judicial studies.

Expert for the CCJE

In January 2019, Anne Sanders was appointed for the third time to serve as expert for the CCJE (Consultive Council of European Judges). Before that, Anne Sanders worked on Opinion n°17 (2014) on the evaluation of judges’ work, the quality of justice and respect for judicial independence and Opinion n°18 (2015) on the position of the judiciary and its relation with the other powers of state in a modern democracy. In 2019, Anne Sanders will support the Working Group in their work on The role of court clerks and legal assistants within the courts and their relationships with judges - Opinion No. 22

Anne Sanders | Luc van Danwitz, Selecting Judges in Poland and Germany: Challenges to the Rule of law in Europe and Propositions for a new Approach to judicial Legitimacy, in: GERMAN LAW JOURNAL, Vol. 19 No. 4 S.770

The full content is available here.

"The role of courts in evolving societies" - conference in Beijing

Prof. Dr. Anne Sanders cooperates with the Norwegian China Law Centre and the Renmin Law School. The goal is to achieve a better understanding of the Chinese Law and legal system and to increase the knowledge of European international and national legal system(s) among Chinese academics and students. At 25th and 26th May Prof. Dr. Anne Sanders lectured in a conference with the title "The role of courts in evolving societies" in Beijing.  This conference is a result of the cooperation metioned above. You can find the conference program here and a chinese summary with some pictures of the conference here.


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"Judicial Assistants in Europe – A Comparative Analysis"

Prof. Dr. Anne Sanders 

International Journal for Court Administration 2. DOI

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Tipps zum Lernen in der Krise

Um insbesondere den Examenskandidaten in der aktuellen Ausnahmesituation zu helfen, haben Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Barbara Dauner-Lieb und Prof. Dr. Anne Sanders gemeinsam Tipps zum Lernen in der Krise zusammengestellt.

Gerne möchten wir auch auf den Podcastbeitrag mit Frau Prof. Dr. Dauner-Lieb hinweisen, der sich ebenfalls mit dieser Thematik beschäftigt.

Eine Übersicht zu Lernangeboten zum Selbststudium finden Sie hier.

Klausuren und Hausarbeiten

Altklausuren und Hausarbeiten können Mo.- Mi. in der Zeit zwischen 11:00 Uhr bis 12:00 Uhr  im Raum V8-140 abgeholt werden.

  • Abschlussklausur Grundkurs BGB - Gesetzliche Schuldverhältnisse (WS 17/18)
  • Abschlussklausur Aufbau- und Vertiefungskurs Gesetzliche Schuldverhältnisse (WS 17/18)
  • Abschlussklausur Grundkurs Familien- und Erbrecht (SS 18)
  • Hausarbeit Einführung in die Rechtsvergleichung (SS 2018)
  • Abschlussklausur Einführung in die Rechtsvergleichung (SS 2018)
  • Abschlussklausur Grundkurs Familien- und Erbrecht (SS 19) 
  • Abschlussklausur GK BGB Allgemeiner Teil (SS 19)