English Law

English Law - Short Course (Fremdsprachennachweis)

The Short Course provides an introduction to the legal system of England and Wales for students of German law. It is designed to give students a basic understanding of the legal principles and legal traditions upon which English law is based and act as a practical guide to the present-day system, focusing on aspects which should be of particular interest to German lawyers. Students who successfully complete this course will, it is hoped, have acquired the basic legal terminology of English law and be able to read and understand different types of English legal texts.

Students who wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of specific areas of
English law or discuss legal issues in smaller groups should consider
taking part in the longer, four-semester course.


Ab sofort können die Klausuren und Bescheinigungen für „ A short Introduction to English Law and legal English “ während der Sprechzeiten ( Di., Mi. 13.00-15.00 und Do. 11.00-13.00) im Raum T3-133 bei Herrn Totiauri abgeholt werden.


Course Coordinator

Jumber Totiauri

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